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2017 LED Lighting Product Development Tendency


1) LED Lighting Product Type Analysis

Q1 2017 led export products compared with 2016, removed 36.17% of ill defined the lamp, the top three

is still led bulb, led tube and led strip.

No.1 led bulb owns $492 million total exports, 18.77%, compared with the same period in 2016 double.

No.2 led tube owns exports totaled $275 million, 10.84%, year-on-year growth of 25.22%.

No.3 led strip owns $142 million total exports , 5.43%, fell 0.04% year-on-yea.



2) LED Lighting Product Export Area

All of China’s LED lighting products export mainly concentrated in Asia ,North America and Europe, three of these traditional continents closer to 90% in Q1 2017. Asia and North America increase nearly 3% while Europe fell 5% comparing with the same period in 2016.


3) LED Lighting Product Export Destination Countries Rank

Q1 2017, the United States ranks first with $720 million, increased almost a third compared with the same period in 2016. HK was the second one with $187 million, up 67.34% from a year earlier, which is the fastest growing region. For the third place, Germany import LED lighting products in China of $121 million, up 0.78% only from a year earlier, a little change.